STEP – 1

Provide Business info
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If you’ve chosen to get your surety bond from Safeline Surety Bonds, then you’re already ahead of the game. The first thing you need to do is get a quote for your bond. Fill out the form on our homepage or HERE. Fill out the contact information for you and your company. Then select the bond you need from the dropdown menu. The selection options break down into three parts. You can find your bond by selecting the department that requested the bond and will keep the bond on file. Choose a sector from the Federal Government, the State Government, the Courts, or a Private Company. The second input will display all the departments in your selected sector that may have requested a bond from you. Select the department that is relevant to your quote. The third input will display the most common bonds that are requested by the selected department. Select the bond you need and don’t forget to fill out the amount that you need your bond to cover. People who get surety bonds from SafeLine Surety Bond never pay the full bond amount for their surety bonds. Then select “GET YOUR QUOTE!”

Or, if you don’t need a quote, click the blue “Complete Application for Bonds” button. That will send you directly to our smart forms for the application for the bond of your choice.

STEP – 2

Review Quote and Provide Financial Information
Woman looking over quote for a Surety Bond
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For most quotes, you can expect contact from one of our agents within 24 hours. You may be requested to send additional documents before you are granted final approval status. When we send the bond terms, have a look and make sure they are exactly what you requested. Our friendly agents will work with you to make sure that your bond covers exactly what you need, so you don’t overpay. Once the terms are to your satisfaction, sign and return your documents for processing.

This step may require additional financial information before we can approve your bond. The terms of the rates for many surety bonds are contingent on a credit report. This rate is locked in for the length of your bond. If your credit improves over time, you are always more than welcome to apply again for a bond. We’ll re-run your credit report and may be able to offer you more favorable rates to save you money. Already have a bond? Let us give you a quote. You may be able to cancel your existing bond and we’ll send you an identical bond with better term rates to save you even more money!

STEP – 3

Approve and Pay
Mailboxes full of brand new Surety Bonds
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Once you agree and sign the terms of the bond agreement, you’re on the last step to being fully bonded. Once we receive your payment, we will submit your bond for approval. This process typically takes 24 hours. Once approved, we send out a digital copy of your bond for your records. We will then mail you your official bond to file with your required obligee.

Congratulations, you have just bonded your business. You have instantly improved your reputation with your customers and taken a step to stand out in your industry. Businesses that are bonded are more likely to earn new business and complete more projects. is the industry leader in Surety Bonds! Have a question or want your quote now? Call us today to get a free quote for all your Surety Bond needs: (8o0) 910-9476