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Surety Bonds are a surefire way to enhance your business. If your business is properly bonded, your business is more likely to build more clients and earn new business. Once you have a Surety Bond you are telling the world that your business can be trusted. You’re an honest company that works with integrity. You think about the people you work with as much as you think about the people in your own business.

Who Does SafeLine Surety Bond Work with?

Our team of bond professionals works all over the Surety Bond space. Our appetite for Surety Bonds:

We offer hundreds of Surety Bonds that can help every business in almost every industry.

Insured vs. Bonded

Oftentimes, these terms get confused for one another, and it is important to know the difference and why you would need to acquire both. Surety Bonds are there to protect those who work for or with your business, while insurance is there to protect your business. It is important to have both, as many states require a company or person to be bonded with a Surety Bond before they can be issued a professional license or earn a contract for a new project.

Being properly bonded can help your business in the case of unforeseen events. Most importantly, being properly bonded lets your customers know that you care and that their work is in safe hands. Giving your customers that peace of mind can help build your business and earn trust in your industry.

100% Guarantee for Credit ApprovalsCredit Approvals

We understand that your credit history has nothing to do with how well you perform your job. Becoming bonded is the best way for your contracting business to earn more customers and earn you more money. However, people fall into a cycle where they can’t increase their earnings without first increasing their credit score. Our underwriters work with several markets to get your surety bond approved no matter your credit. Every year at your renewal, we will reapply with your new credit score and offer pricing plans that reflect your improving credit score. No matter your current credit score, we will assure you that you will be getting the best price for your bond and will continue to work with you to keep your prices low for years to come.

Our Team

SafeLine Surety Bond is a family-run company that is growing with every year we do business. We have built a business on trust and honesty, and our underwriters give you the most transparent quotes in the industry. We have created the industry standard when it comes to Surety Bonds. Utilizing the latest technologies to adapt to the growing market and understand fluctuations in an ever-changing industry, we are always at the forefront and ready to assist with your bonding needs. We are always finding creative solutions, and our customer support team is ready to help you with any questions or concerns.

Customers are our Focus

We have grown from a family-run operation to working all across California, but our family values have always been our priority. We treat everyone who becomes bonded with us as part of our family. Our family always pays the lowest bonding fees that we can find, and we assure you that we will do a complete evaluation every year you renew with us. Be assured that you are working with the best bond company to get your business to a better place than when it started. We grow only as fast as our customers, and we have had exponential growth every year we have been in business.

How to Apply for a Surety Bond

Click the button and fill out the form to start the application process. We work with the top markets in the industry to get you a fair rate. People who get surety bonds from Safeline Surety Bond never have to pay the full bond amount. Find out how much we can save you today!