Signing a new License applicationThese bonds vary across all industries. But it is certain that if a profession requires a license, it will almost certainly require a bond to obtain that license. from tour guides to club promoters, needs to be bonded.

Costs of a License and Permit Bond

The cost of these bonds depends on the need for underwriting and the amount of the bond. Some industries require larger bonds than others. The rate of the bond is subject to an underwriter’s investigation. This includes looking at financial history and credit reports. If a person requesting a bond has terrific credit, they will qualify for better rates for their bonds. These rates typically range from 1–15% of the bond amount. This means if a bond amount of $1000 is requested by a person with exceptional credit who earns a 1% rate, they will only need to pay $10 for their bond.

Not all bonds require an underwriter. Some bonds have a fixed fee, and these bonds have different underwriting stipulations.

Common Bonds

Airline Reporting Bonds
Appraisal Management Company Bonds
Auctioneer Bonds
Auto Dealer Bonds
Collection Agency Bonds
Credit Service Organization Bonds
DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program Bonds
Energy Broker Bonds
Federal Maritime Commission (FMC-48) Bonds
Freight Broker Bonds (BMC-84)
Health Club Bonds

Hunting and Fishing License Bonds
Insurance Adjuster Bonds
Insurance Broker Bonds
Medical Marijuana Bonds
Medicaid Provider Bonds
MMA Promoter Bonds
Money Transmitter Bonds
Mortgage License Bonds
Notary Bonds
Outdoor Advertising Bonds
Payday Loan Bonds
Patient Trust Bonds
Pawnbroker Bonds

Pharmacy Bonds
Preneed Funeral Bonds
Private School Bonds
Professional Employment Organization (PEO) Bonds
Right of Way Bonds
Surplus Lines Broker Bonds
Telemarketing Bonds
Title Agency Bonds
Travel Agency Bonds
Used Car Dealer Bonds

How to Apply for a Surety Bond

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