The California State Board of EqualizationThe California State Board of Equalization is more commonly known by the acronym BOE. The BOE primarily deals with California’s property tax system. This includes assessing property owned by utility companies or railroads and ensuring statewide uniformity throughout the 58 county assessors. The BOE has a number of tax programs, including the alcoholic beverage tax, insurer tax, and private railroad car tax, to name a few.

To help the BOE enforce the tax laws, they will often require a surety bond to be taken out to ensure all taxes are paid. If someone is unable to pay their taxes, the surety bond can be used to help pay for any outstanding taxes.

Common types of surety bonds required by the California State Board of Equalization include:

California User of Fuel Surety Bond

All fuel suppliers, distributors, and importers of fuel in the state of California must have a California User of Fuel Surety Bond. The amount of these bonds varies depending on the sales and revenue of the fuel shipper. The bond is used to protect the general public and ensure that the bond holder pays all applicable taxes and fees in the full amount due. The surety bond also helps protect the public from fraud, deceit, and illegal actions that the bond holder may perform.

California Cigarette Tax Bond

Any licensed seller of cigarettes must have a California Cigarette Tax Bond in order to do business. The minimum bond amount is $1,000 and requires that the bond holder pay any outstanding taxes, fees, or charges that may be due. It also helps ensure that all laws and regulations are enforced.

How to Apply for a Surety Bond

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