The county clerk’s office is responsible for many clerical services, from marriage licenses to filing fictitious business names. The local county clerk’s office is responsible for so much that they will require a surety bond to accompany certain transactions. This is to ensure the requester follows all laws and regulations. Local regulations vary from county to county and it is important to check into your particular county to note any changes that may affect your work. Just because you’re clear to work in one county does not mean that you are clear to work in another county.

County Clerk's Office

Common Surety Bonds that are required by the County Clerk’s Office include:

 Los Angeles Parking Lot License Bond

Los Angeles parking operators must hold a bond of no less than $50,000. For larger parking facilities, the bon amount can rise to over $500,000. The bond does not ensure that the parking operator will pay outstanding taxes and fees. It does, however, protect against damage to the vehicles parked in their facility.

Grading Permit Surety Bond –

City of Los Angeles || City of Riverside || City of Riverside || City of Sacramento || City of San Diego || County of Los Angeles || Monterey County

The named cities require a surety bond if the contractor wishes to pull any grading permits.  The bond must be for at least the cost of the entire project. This includes cost estimates for drainage and protective devices, as well as any corrective work that must be completed before work can be done. The city sets the amount, and a release from the municipality is required to cancel the bond.

San Francisco Parking Tax Collection Bond

The City of San Francisco requires that all businesses that run a parking facility have a Parking Tax Collection Bond before they are permitted to do business. It is designed to help ensure that parking lot owners follow all the laws and regulations outlined in San Francisco’s City Law Code. It also ensures that all taxes and fees will be paid as necessary.

Miramar Landfill Deferred Payment Bond

The city of San Diego requires a Landfill Deferred Payment Bond to ensure that the bond holder complies with San Diego’s Municipal Code that governs deferred payments. This is for landfill companies who wish to use a deferred payment system that puts clients on a credit account. The bond must be in the amount of 3 times the estimated highest monthly usage per quarter and no less than $250.

Los Angeles Parking Occupancy Tax Collection Bond

The city of Los Angeles, and more specifically the Office of Finance, Tax and Permit division, requires all parking lot operators and owners to hold a Parking Occupancy Tax Collection Bond. This bond ensures that the operators will pay their Parking Occupancy Tax (POT). The bond amount ranges depending on how big the parking facility is.

Business Service Surety Bond

A business service bond protects customers from theft. These bonds are not required but offer peace of mind to your clients. They are most useful when a business sends employees or representatives to a customer’s private property or personal business. The surety bond protects the client if any acts of theft, larceny, or fraud are committed by a representative of the business.

California Professional Photocopier Bond

Any business that wishes to engage in professional photocopier services must file proof of a surety bond with the county clerk’s office. The bond amount is to be no less than $5,000. These professional photocopiers specialize in creating photocopies for businesses such as insurance companies and attorneys. The bond ensures the confidentiality of the copied manuscripts.

California Reconveyance Surety Bond

This bond is also commonly referred to as a California Lost Trust Deed Surety Bond. This bond is required if, after any liens of mortgage or deed of trust are released, the mortgagee or beneficiary of record cannot be found. A reconveyance surety bond can help release any liens on the mortgage or deed of trust. The bond amount must be twice the amount of the original obligation as well as any additional principal amounts.

California Process Server Surety Bond

Process servers are legally licensed to deliver legal notices and court documents to defendants. A Process Server Surety Bond must first be obtained in order to obtain the said license. It is used to guarantee that all documents will be delivered confidentially, on time, and to the correct parties. The bond amount and time frame vary between counties.

How to Apply for a Surety Bond

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