The California State ParksThe California State Parks program helps preserve and educate people about California’s diverse natural resources. They value and protect natural and cultural resources and provide opportunities for outdoor recreation. There are many departments that fall under the State Parks program. Some of these departments issue licenses and permits for people to enjoy and do business in California’s state parks.

In order for them to enforce these permits and licenses, many departments require a surety bond before they issue a license. These bonds help guarantee that all rules and regulations will be followed.

Common surety bonds that are required by the California State Parks Department include:

California Yacht and Ship Broker Bond

A California Yacht and Ship Broker Bond must first be obtained in order to get a yacht or ship broker license. The minimum amount of the bond is $15,000 and helps protect the state and the public from any financial harm, loss, or deceit from any unlawful acts. The California Yacht and Ship Brokers Act outlines all laws and regulations that must be followed while holding a California Yacht and Ship Broker Bond.

How to Apply for a Surety Bond

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