The California Department of TransportationThe California Department of Transportation most often goes by “CalTrans” for short. CalTrans is responsible for designing, constructing, maintaining, and operating the California State Highway System. They are also responsible for the portion of the interstate highway system that falls within the state’s borders.

If you need to file an application for a license with the California Department of Transportation, you may be required to hold a surety bond before you are issued the license. These bonds help to enforce the laws and regulations of the license. If any of the laws that fall under the license are broken, then the surety bond can help compensate for any losses caused by the unlawful activity.

Common surety bonds that the California Department of Transportation may require include:

California Encroachment Surety Bond

One must first obtain a California Encroachment Surety Bond before they can apply for an Encroachment Permit. The bond ensures that all work done under the permit will be up to standards and at least as good as when the permit was issued. The District Engineer of the California Department of Transportation surveys all work done and judges it to satisfactory standards. The bond amount varies depending on the size of the project. Encroachment projects include work on public property and utilities, including but not limited to towers, poles, pole lines, pipes, pipelines, fences, billboards, and more.

How to Apply for a Surety Bond

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