The California Department of Resources, Recycling, and RecoveryThe California Department of Resources, Recycling and Recovery is more commonly referred to as CalRecycle. CalRecycle is part of the larger department of the California Environmental Protection Agency. CalRecycle oversees all of California’s state-managed non-hazardous waste handling and recycling programs.

CalRecycle issues permits and licenses for certain recycling professionals. In order to help regulate these permits and licenses, CalRecycle may require the license requester to hold a certain surety bond. These bonds help enforce the laws and regulations that fall under the specific license or permit. If a license holder fails to uphold the laws and regulations, then the surety bond can be used to compensate for any damage caused by the wrongdoing.

Common types of surety bonds that the California Department of Resourcces, Recycling, and Recovery include:

Waste Tire Hauler Surety Bond

Anyone who transports 10 or more waste tires within the state in a given year must be registered as a waste tire hauler. Part of the requirements of becoming an official waste tire hauler means filing a $10,000 California Waste Tire Hauler Surety Bond.  This bond exists in order to protect the public health. It helps ensure that the tires are sent to the proper facilities that can manage used tires. The bond acts as a safeguard if the hauler mismanages or disobeys any of the laws or regulations that are stated in the official bylaws of the position.

How to Apply for a Surety Bond

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