California Department of LaborThe California Department of Labor promotes economic justice through the creation and enforcement of labor laws. Their single most important job is to guarantee a fair and just day’s pay in every workplace in the state. The department works under the California Department of Industrial Relations. They are in charge of issuing licenses and permits specific to the labor workforce.

To help enforce the rules and regulations of the licenses, the California Department of Labor may require a surety bond be issued before they will issue a license. These bonds act as a line of defense in the event that any of the laws and regulations governing the license are broken.

Common surety bonds that the California Department of Labor requires include:

H-2A Farm Labor Contractor Bond

The H-2A Farm Labor Contractor Bond is required for any farmer who is a part of the H-2A Farm Labor Program. This program allows farmers to hire non-U.S. citizens. The bond must cover the period of work plus 2 years. The H-2A Farm Labor Contractor Bond shields H-2A workers from dangerous and unnecessarily strenuous working conditions. The amount of the bond depends on how many employees are under contract. The bond starts at $5,000 for less than 25 employees and can go up to $75,000 or more.

How to Apply for a Surety Bond

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