California Department of Housing and Community DevelopmentThe California Department of Housing and Community Development also goes by the acronym HCD. The HCD provides safe and affordable homes to veterans, seniors, young families, farm workers, people with disabilities, and the houseless. The HCD offers licenses in various categories, such as course provider, instructor, manufacturer, dealer, and salesperson. They even offer 90-day short-term certificates.

To ensure that people obey the rules and regulations of this license, the HCD set, they will also require that person to carry a surety bond before they are issued the license. These bonds are used to protect the public in the event that the license holder breaks a rule or regulation. If any laws are broken, the surety bond offers a way to help restore any wrongdoings that arose from the breaking of the law.

Common surety bonds that the DHC requires include:

California Mobile Home, Coach, Camper or Floating Home Bond

A California Mobile Home, Coach, Camper, or Floating Home Bond must be filed to support the insurance if the usual titling documents are missing. The bond must be in an amount that is at least equivalent to the current market value of the unit. Owners will often file for a bond to ensure any issues regarding title are avoided in the future. In order for a person to utilize a California Mobile Home, Coach, Camper, or Floating Home bond in place of their title, the person must hold the bond for a minimum of three years.

How to Apply for a Surety Bond

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