California Department of Health ServicesThe California Department of Health Services also goes by the acronym DHCS. The goal of the DHCS is to give Californians access to affordable, integrated, and high-quality healthcare. This includes full medical, dental, mental health, substance abuse treatment services, and long-term care.

The DHCS issues licenses to medical practitioners for facilities and medical services. They use surety bonds to ensure their license holders uphold the rules and regulations that their licenses require. If a person breaks a rule or law, the surety bond offers protection to the general public. The surety bond offers reparation avenues for the damaged parties and penalties to the principal holder of the surety bond.

Common surety bonds that the DHCS requires include:

California Verification to Patient Trust Fund Bond

Every licensed health facility must have a Verification to Patient Trust Fund Bond if they handle a specific amount of money per patient. This is an excess of $25 per patient, or a total of at least $400 for all patients in any given month. If the health facility fulfills these requirements, then they must hold a California Verification to Patient Trust Fund Bond. The amount of these bonds varies depending on the size of the business, but must be no less than $1,000. The bonds help protect any patient under the care of the facility from any injury that may result from the improper handling of money.

How to Apply for a Surety Bond

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