California Department of Fish and WildlifeThe California Department of Fish and Wildlife manages California’s nature and wildlife. They help to ensure the habitats of California’s diverse fish, wildlife, and plant resources are maintained and respected. This department was established to provide longevity for California’s wilderness territories in order to secure the ecological values of the land and provide a safe and lasting place for public enjoyment.

The department employs wardens to protect the wildlife and natural resources. The wardens are armed law enforcement officers who can enforce any state law. The Department of Fish and Wildlife also provides hunter safety and licensing, as well as patrolling the territories. There are approximately 400 different types of licenses and permits. To help them enforce the terms and conditions of these licenses, the department requires some of them to be accompanied by a surety bond.

Common surety bonds that the Department of Fish and Wildlife requires:

California Fish and Wildlife License Agent Sales Bond

A surety bond must be taken out first before the state issues a fish and wildlife license. The bond must be for no less than $1,000. This is to provide a guarantee that the license holder will perform and fulfill all responsibilities, which helps protect the agent’s clients. Additionally, the bond holder must have the proper equipment to successfully run their business as a California Fish and Wildlife Agent.

California Guide License Bond

Any person who conducts business for profit in backpacking and wildlife guiding in California must be licensed, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. In order to get a license, a Guide License Surety Bond must be filed with the department for no less than $1,000. The bond is there to protect the clients and guarantee that the guide will perform all of their duties to the client and responsibilities to the public land.

How to Apply for a Surety Bond

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