The Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade BureauThe Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau is more commonly known under the acronym TTB. The TTB authorizes the bottling of wine and spirits in standard metric sizes. Reports in California must be in wine gallons. They are in charge of creating the standards for conversion. The TTB helps many different types of businesses find the right permits from alcohol producers and manufacturers, importers, and dealers. They also find permits for firearms and ammunition.

To help the TTB regulate and enforce these permits, some licenses and permits will require a surety bond before they issue the permit. This is to help guarantee that the license holder will obey the laws and regulations that are covered by the license.

Common surety bonds that are required by the Tax and Trade Bureau include:

Federal Distilled Spirits / TTB Surety Bond

A Federal Distilled Spirits Winery Surety Bond is required for professionals who sell, manufacture, or distribute alcohol products. The bonds vary and are specific to the specific business that requires the bond. There are two types of TTB bond categories that a business may require.
Wine Operations covers the taxes and liability of wine and wine spirits
Tax Deferral covers unpaid taxes on products that have been removed from the premises.

How to Apply for a Surety Bond

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