American Flag Waving at the Federal Capitol BuildingThe federal government issues millions of licenses and permits. They have billions of pages of laws and regulations that every member of our society must follow. To help the federal government enforce these laws, they may require a person to file a surety bond. Surety Bonds help protect the public from any compliance failures committed by the bond holder.

Surety bonds are legally binding contracts between three parties. When it comes to surety bonds that are required by the government, they are all very similarly written. The three parts of the bond are as follows:

1) Obligee: This is the government department that requires the bond. More often than not, they will set the terms and determine the amount of the bond needed to cover it.

2) Principal: The person who owns the bond. They are responsible for fulfilling the terms of the bond.

3) Surety: This is the firm that issues the bond. They are also liable in the case of a claim against the bond. It is important to find a surety company that is licensed and registered to do business in your industry, like us at SafeLineSuretyBond!

List of Federal Departments that Require Surety Bonds

How to Apply for a Surety Bond

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