Non FiduciaryNon-Fiduciary bonds are a type of court bond that is required in civil court. They are typically issued in the case of a civil suit or a civil crime. Safeline Surety Bond does not issue or underwrite bail bonds. These non-fiduciary bonds are not like bail bonds and serve the public in other ways.

There are a variety of different types of court bonds. All of them are required if court ordered and typically only last a short period of time. If they need to be renewed, then you can work with your surety company to make sure they are in force for as long as the court requires.

The courts mandate the amount of the bond and it is used to protect the plaintiff in the case.

Common types of Non-Fiduciary Bonds Include:

Temporary Restraining Order Bond

A Temporary Restaining Order Bond (TRO) must be taken out by the defendant when they are ordered to no longer perform a specific act that is considered harmful to the plaintiff. The bonds are typically issued for a 30-90 day period.

Preliminary Injunction Bond

If a temporary restraining order is deemed to last longer than 90 days or may become permanent, the defendant must obtain a Preliminary Injunction Bond.

Writ of Attachment Bond

A writ of Attachment Bond is used when the bond holder requests or has the right to have the bank hold assets that belong to the defendant until the court process has been resolved.

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