Be Consistent SignFidelity bonds are not always required to obtain a business license, but they make business look good. If you work under a larger company, or you want to expand a fidelity bond can help your company get the credit it deserves.

Large companies look to do business with bonded businesses. When you get a fidelity bond for your business, you are ensuring the company you work with that you’re a reputable business with accountability and good faith.

When your business has a fidelity bond, you are protecting against the risk of employee misconduct. Fidelity bonds are often called “Crime Insurance”. These bonds protect against loss or damage to money, securities, and property by an employee. We can even build a bond to extend coverage to an employer as well.

Types of Fidelity Bonds

  • Dishonesty Bonds
  • Business Services Bonds
  • ERISA (Employment Retirement Income Security Act) or Pension Bonds
  • Janitorial Services Bonds
  • Employee Theft Bond

How to Apply for a Surety Bond

Click the button and fill out the form to start the application process. We work with the top markets in the industry to get you a fair rate. People who get surety bonds from Safeline Surety Bond never have to pay the full bond amount. Find out how much we can save you today!