Mack Trucks Work With UAW Towards Better Agreement

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Mack Trucks as well as the United Auto Workers are looking to follow in the footsteps of the Writers Guild and the AMPTP. The outstretched agreement is meant to patch up some rough spots. The six-year agreement will be held between the UAW and the VTNA Volvo Trucks North America. The strike had followed that deal for five weeks the last time in 2021. Mack is well known to be one of the VTNA within Greensboro, North Carolina. Many workers have come together with their assemblies of Class 8 trucks over there at the Lower Macungie Township for Mack. The Lehigh Valley Operations in Pennsylvania utilizes the assembly plant and even the remanufacturing operation of Middletown.

More operations involve parts distribution centers all over the East Coast. Florida and Maryland.

The UAW is meant to create a medium-duty truck plant in Virginia. The deal has come in as early as the four-year agreement once there’s been a 12-day strike in 2019.

The agreement’s length may be the only detail that is well understood as is said by the 3,900 Mack workers for three states in the upcoming days.

Furthermore, the tentative agreement itself may be able to deliver higher wages and even keep on with first-class benefits for Mack families and employees. A particular issue to watch out for is whether or not the union that has been bargained will be able to put together Mack’s Roanoke Operations as the company would continue creating medium-duty trucks in 2020.

Mack had come back in the medium-duty market after the settlement of the previous UAW contract. The company themselves are looking to start building a battery-electric version of the Class 6 to 7 MD Series.

What’s more is that besides mentioning to workers that they’re to return to work on Monday, Local 677 didn’t quite provide any other additional information.

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