OOIDA In Need Of Attention From FMCSA

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The FMCSA and OOIDA keep butting heads.
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As the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration had to indicate earlier in the year, a new rule for brokered freight transaction transparency regulations will be made, leaving the trade association to show the patience in an otherwise frustrating situation. The OOIDA, otherwise known as the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, had actually been pining for the attention of the FMCSA in order to improve broker transparency, all in May 2020. In the request, it would be to brokers to require information to provide transaction information that would be found automatically in the span of 48 hours of the completion of contractual services and the brokers themselves will be stopped from bringing in a provision that would ask for the carrier to waive their rights to properly access the transaction records.

Accordingly, the Joe Biden Administration themselves have had a projection of supposedly a new Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) accordingly to their Spring 2023 Unified Regulatory Agenda. There was word that the Transparency in Property Carrier Broker Transactions could potentially be published in June, yet there had still been no actual evidence of notice.

OOIDA Doesn’t Like Being Muted.

The Association had been unable to see any report of the NPRM and this is something that has gone on to confuse the industry. At least, that’s what has been said by the OOIDA in a letter placed in August 17th, via a letter to FMCSA Administrator Robin Hutcheson.

OOIDA has had to repeat their statement from a September 2022 letter to FMCSA, given that there had been small-business truckers’ worried over strong concerns during the tough economic times. OOIDA has been consistently hearing the complaints from the members.

OOIDA keeps sending letters to the FMCSA for a hope to publish the notice and every time, there is a lack of regard on the part of the FMCSA to regard the OOIDA seriously. Sadly, as a result, there have been instances of unusual broker abuse, persistent fraud and various victims hurt through unpaid loads and even double brokered loads.

It honestly is hurting the industry the more that the FMCSA stops regarding the needs of the OOIDA seriously. It’s very unfortunate in that instance. One would be so sure about the way the trucks are generally driving down the highway as they do so with such certainty that the industry will be more unified. But if there’s no unification, is that to say that there’s a need for a rise by the Teamsters?

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