OOIDA Wants An Update On Broker Transparency Petition

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The OOIDA is pressuring the FMCSA to get stuff moving ASAP.
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The FMCSA or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has reopened the comment period for a petition coming from the OOIDA or the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association to upgrade broker transparency. The petition request has asked brokers to provide transactional information automatically within 48 hours of completion of contractual services. Meanwhile, brokers are prohibited from any requirements that waive carriers from accessing transaction records.

Regarding the petition, the OOIDA is pretty dead-set on this. “49 CFR § 371.3 already requires that brokers keep records of each transaction with a carrier and that each party to the transaction has a right to view these records. OOIDA’s recommendations to enhance compliance with § 371.3 are not attempts to control rates or impose burdensome requirements, but would simply ensure that motor carriers have access to documents they have the right to view.”

The FMCSA is hoping to hear out the OOIDA on opportunities to improve broker transparency.

Following the petition, back in October 2020, the FMCSA had a listening sesh to broker issues, as well as a hearing on the petition from the Transportation Intermediaries Association for their needs of getting rid of 49 CFR § 371.3(c).

Now, the OOIDA is a little impatient regarding the FMCSA and their fillibusting, for an update on the broker transparency regulations.

“It has been over two years since OOIDA submitted its original petition, 20 months since the most recent comment period ended for broker transparency-related dockets, and nearly 1,500 comments have been filed.

For that reason, we believe an update is warranted on where the agency stands on our outstanding petition and related comments from motor carriers.” The OOIDA goes on to say how it’s frustrating to note the truckers that aren’t being heard or even proper considered.

With the lack of transparency, the FMCSA has lacked public progress that would undermine confidence in a system that was to protect and respond to legitimate concerns.

The FMCSA has lack of public progress that would further undermine a carrier’s confidence with the system that is supposed to protect them and it would be responsive for legitimate and properly expressed concerns. Regarding this, there’s an update whereabouts the agency would stand on the outstanding petition and related comments from motor carriers.

This is all in regards to the lack of communication found in transparency and with further details. It’s all necessary. With about 1,500 comments that have been filed, it’s apparent how the OOIDA can use broker transparency to their advantage.

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