Inflation Makes It Tricky To Access Community College CDL Program

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Inflation is even making it difficult to get a trucking education.
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For a while, community college training programs have been sending new truck drivers into the workforce, reliably. All with plenty of resources in order to prepare them for the open road. But lately with the cost of gasoline combined with truck maintenance costs shooting through the roof, those same resources have become a little too limited in order for any new trainees to start investing in expensive training. In the course at Southeast Community College in Lincoln, Nebraska, that’s exactly what has been happening, For instance, in 1997, the training program was well worth enough money throughout ten weeks’ of study. And in a way it still is! On paper, the CDL trucking training program is a good thing for younger individuals, as it’s a collegiate-certified way of preparing for a life of sixteen-wheelers. But lately, new recruits have been run ragged from the whole experience. Inflation is a stressful aspect of American culture.

Consider one of the alumni, Brad Carman. When reflecting on his old school, Carman recalled where he was financially. “I was down on my luck and completely broke. My father then told me about the school and that it only cost $400 to go.” years later, it’s no different the hurdles he has to face with inflation as he starts up a new trucking education course. He revisited his alma mater anticipating to seek inspiration from his old instructor Lyle Gruntorad. As he received a dosage of nostalgia from visiting the bloke, he reflected on his own life, being that he turned fifty-six recently and after a lengthy career of trucking, is now starting a CDL program up there in Iowa Western Community College.

Where has inflation put the state of CDL schools into?

Administrators are quite specific in their search for donated equipment while trying to show students how the rules of the road work. It’s because of struggling CDL programs that the administrators have budgeted carefully for equipment procurement. This may have since been affected by recent inflation and the time that has gone by. Certainly, the numbers were out of reach more than originally planned.

Some individuals out there are bound to believe that there are other courses out there. Of course, such groups are aways happy to help with a loan or even a donation. The important thing is just to get rational pricing for a DOT-compliant rig. It’s more crucial to get a truck around than just fail on the dream itself, when you’re involved enough to have a truck pass DOT inspection. That’s just part of learning how to be the best trucker you can be out there on the road.

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