Los Angeles Considers Ban on New Gas Stations

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Los Angeles is known for its car culture and car-centric city design. However, a new proposal could do a lot to challenge that perception. The Los Angeles City Council is drafting a proposal that would ban the construction of new gas stations.

City Councilmember Paul Koretz announced last week that he was drafting the proposal. Koretz has long advocated for the expansion of anti-gasoline infrastructure, from electric vehicles to green public transportation. In May 2021, he submitted a motion calling for a ban on new gas stations. This legislation is his following up on that motion.

Though the legislation may seem drastic, Los Angeles would not be the first city to ban new gas stations. The first US city to ban new gas stations was Petaluma, CA, which banned their construction last year. Two other California cities, Sebastopol and Rohnert Park, have adopted similar legislation since. Other cities in North America, including those in New York and British Columbia, are drafting legislation.

Ban on gas stations in Los Angeles would necessitate more investment in green infrastructure

Koretz’s legislation doesn’t explicitly provide more funding for green infrastructure, but Koretz mentioned it in his announcement. Koretz said that he intends for the city to move towards “all-electric new construction” and “fossil fuel free transportation.” While many in Koretz’s district support the ban, some transportation officials expressed concern. These officials noted that not everyone has or can get an electric vehicle soon. Despite broad support in liberal California for climate change legislation, this proposal could hurt those who can’t afford to convert to electric vehicles yet.

While this legislation might affect construction companies, it can also provide opportunities moving forward. After all, the city will need more infrastructure to accommodate a growing electric vehicle population. If you are part of a construction company looking to break into green infrastructure, make sure you have all the necessary bonds before you get started! It can save your business from unfortunate lawsuits.

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