Speak To Brokers With Market Knowledge, Data And More Trucker Jargon

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There’s a study out there that ascertains how 80% of owner-operators are not so excited to negotiate rates with any broker. It’s a matter of understanding how to communicate with brokers while speaking on their language in order to pay off carriers engaging in negotiations.

It’s important to know of all the ways to properly communicate between you and your broker.

Use the available data for relationship-building goals

When a carrier begins a connection with a broker, from the beginning, an important topic can literally be about anything. The more information that is laid down, the more of a bed is left to discuss future negotiations. That way, when it’s time to face the music in tough situations, the broker has as much data available as possible to help you out. Additionally, specific information about your gear helps the broker get exactly where you are coming from. With the data in your hands, you already speak like a broker. They can understand your language. Which sometimes, can be so frustrating, brokers post a job of delivering a load with a rate already attached.

Read the demand metrics.

You cannot neglect how the industry is doing when you want to be one of the owner-operators doing much better. There’s a specific ratio of loads ongoing versus incoming. In high variability, that’s a metric you can trust when looking at what the real market asks of you. Negotiating leverage especially is evident when you see more loads outgoing than incoming. Take lane averages, for instance. Just by observing that to your broker, they already get an idea that you want to stand out from the herd. Meanwhile, the broker sees how well you understand to get the go-ahead to go home early.

Market knowledge is market power.

Market knowledge allows for an impression that will last for ages. It allows a communication and a comprehension of the load and costs that will allow your broker to understand how come you’d be asking for $250 more on a job for instance. There could even be hidden jobs not yet posted that would be ideal for you.

Ultimately the best way of communicating with your broker is just seeing where they’re coming from. You’re not the only owner-operator they have to deal with. Thousands upon thousands of truckers come to their stoop everyday. Let them take it easy and make life more simple by meeting them at their level.

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